Canvas Painting-3KVS-1042
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Canvas Painting-3KVS-1042

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  • Product sizes
  • : 30x40cm Each Piece Total Footprint 90x40 cm
  • Product features
  • : Solvent-containing paints have never been used.
  • Water-based dyes that do not contain carcinogenic substances are used.
  • : Produced with high resolution printing in HP indoor printing machines.
  • : 360 grams of 100% cotton canvas fabric is used.
  • When cleaning: it is recommended to clean with a slightly damp or dry cloth.
  • : A 2 cm thick baked wooden chassis is used, so there will be no problems such as bending and bending over time.
  • : The product is ready to be mounted on the wall.
  • : You can hang it on your wall with the help of nails and change the air of your spaces instantly.


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