Floral Pattern Lace Detail Dress 1985BGD19
Floral Pattern Lace Detail Dress 1985BGD19
  • التوفر متوفر مخزون كثير نفذت الكمية يمكنك حجز المنتج

Floral Pattern Lace Detail Dress 1985BGD19

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  • Product Size 100% ViscousProduct features:Floral Pattern Lace Detailed Viscose DressModel InformationBedeni : 38Product Height: 114 cmManken Size : Height:176 Chest:90 Waist:63 Hipn:94General Washing and Instructions for Use • Hand-heated and beaded products should be washed backwards in the sensitive program• Printed products may be poured over time• Do not hang 30C to avoid spoiling the product in the wash• Wash the product in accordance with the washing instructions• Use appropriate detergent in coloured products• Products with denim and dark products other lightly colored products. Do not wash together• Do not expose clothes to direct sun heat when drying


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